Website Updates

Website updates are a reality. Just like your car needs to be serviced after a particular period of time or your desk needs to be cleaned now and again, so does your website.

Updating your website is good for various reasons as it keeps your website fresh and up to date. Just a change of image or content can make a huge difference and can tell your clients you’re on the ball and aren’t neglecting your website which can be a very important and powerful marketing channel.

Real Reasons you should update your website?

  1. Fresh content is good for both visitor and search engine. No one, including a search engine, likes to land up on a website that displays information that is NOT up to date or has old news or even worse has a date when it was last updated reading 20 June 1998. What does that say about you?
  2. Keeping people informed and wanting to come and visit again. Your website is online and therefore available to the public ANY time of the day. That is reason enough to keep your website up to date. Updating your website regularly with information about what’s happening in your industry or some news about the company helps keep existing clients and potential future clients informed.
  3. Websites that are up to date and reflect information that is up to date and current can often provide you with more time as people have to ask less. For example, if you go to a B&B website or a website where rates change during the year, if your rates are up to date, then you are less likely to receive emails asking you what your rates are currently. Less emails or calls asking questions that your website could provide answers for, saves your time.
  4. Websites, believe it or not, can provide potential clients with peace of mind about your business and gives your business credibility and stability.
  5. As mentioned above that cars need cleaning or services as do your desks, so if you don’t update your website, it can lead to breakdowns.

Definite Do’s:

  • Always make sure your contact information i.e. telephone numbers, physical address, email addresses, etc are up to date as people can’t get hold of you otherwise and you could potentially lose business.
  • Avoid having information on the site that informs the user when the site was last updated. This can be off putting and can make the site look as though it has been neglected.
  • If you’re in an industry that does have regular changes e.g. politics, financial sector, property market, etc – consider implementing a news or blog area on your site. These are great ways at keeping your site up to date and your clients informed. This has become quite a popular feature recently with our clients as it provides our clients with the flexibility of updating their website with juicy information and all on their own via Content Management Systems or blogging software.
  • Updating photos can even give a fresh look and give the site a change.
  • Speak to your web agency – they can assist you come up with ideas that can help freshen up your website or content if your website is looking bleak or out dated.
  • Be creative and proactive – people like new ideas and creativity, so why not be creative when coming up with new things you could implement on your home page e.g. competition, subscriptions, surveys, RSS feeds, etc


If you have a website, look after it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive process – just make sure that you keep it up to date – this will benefit YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and FUTURE AND / OR EXISTING CLIENTS.