Website Statistics

Understanding your website stats is very important in managing your website and understanding how a website is doing / performing.

We are so often approached or land up on website that boast their website hits. These stats can leave potential advertisers or visitors in awe of the website, when in actual fact, hits are completely irrelevant to the popularity of the website.

Generally, one hears about the following:

  • Hits
  • Page Views / Page Impressions
  • Unique Visitors

We have broken down the terms below to give you a better understanding on website statistics and which ones you REALLY should worry about or be concerned about when deciding if a particular website is doing well.


Every time someone visits a website, a “hit” is done to the website’s web server. As the page loads, every element on the page is counted as a hit.

For example, if we typed in a particular URL / website address and allow the page to load, every image loaded on the page would count as 1 hit, plus there would be the 1 hit for the actual page. So, 1 page that has 15 images on it would have 16 hits every time the page loaded – can you see how hits can be deceiving?

Websites that have many images displayed will ultimately have a higher hit statistic than a website that is just plain text.

Page Views / Page Impressions

Page view or page impression statistics are increased every time a visitor opens or views a particular web page on a website.
So, let’s use the same example we used above. We enter a URL / website address and the page loads. You now know that the hits are accumulating as the page loads, but the page view / page impression for the particular page would be 1. If you refreshed the page after it had loaded, the hits would keep mounting and the page view / page impression would increase by another 1.
Page views can be useful if you want to see the popularity of a page.

Unique Visitors

Already, the name of the statistic should make you feel better.

When I visit a website and you visit a website, no matter how many images load or how many pages I visit or you visit, we would both add 1 to the unique visitor count of the website.

So, if I visit a website with 1000 pages and I manage to view 100 of those pages, the unique visitor count would be 1. If you came along and visited the website and view 150 pages, the unique visitor count of the website would become 2.



Always get the UNIQUE VISITOR information before making a decision about advertising on a particular website or when deciding whether your own website needs more work – this could save you money and time in the long run.