Websites and SMS Integration

A very popular requirement lately is for websites to have a SMS facility built in whereby visitors receive a SMS for various things, including:

  • Reminders
  • News
  • Confirmation
  • Notifications
  • Etc

Why should I have an SMS facility Integrated in my website?

SMS facilities are only necessary for certain types of websites and are certainly not something that EVERY website needs.

SMS’s can be a great form of communication with your website visitor / member and allows you to also be in touch with your visitors while they are NOT at their desks or PCs.

SMS’s are a great addition to websites – here are some examples how websites have used, or where websites can use SMS integration:

  • Visitors receive a confirmation message on their phone immediately once they have done an online payment / purchase – real time availability.
  • Accommodation software – establishments can receive a SMS notifying them when someone has booked to stay at their establishments. This is the perfect scenario for companies who are not permanently online and are not at their desk all the time.
  • Reference numbers can be sent for tickets once a transaction has been processed.
  • Banks have started using SMS facilities as an additional security measure e.g. Standard Bank sends a SMS to the account owner’s cell phone before a new beneficiary can be added.
  • Websites or businesses who have members that wants to be informed regularly about the status of something e.g. weather updates, traffic updates, stock updates, etc – SMS is a perfect way to keep members informed and up to date.
  • Reminders or renewal messages can be sent and therefore serve as a backup to email, or a second notification in case the mails are not received / read.

How to I integrate SMS functionality onto my website?

The actual integration on the website should be done by your web developers.

The part that one does need to consider is who to use to send your SMSes. There are a few companies available so research will need to be done on your part.

Clickatell and Vodazone are 2 companies that offer bulk SMS packages. Visit either or both of these 2 websites and compare the pricing packages. Once signed up, you should be able to send your login info to your web developers and the necessary integration can be done.

It’s really that simple!


If you want to keep your members / visitors informed, notified or want to spread some news or add another level of security to your website, an SMS facility can be a great way to achieve these goals.

As mentioned above, SMS functionality is not necessary for every website, but could be a great asset to your business. The choice is yours.