Website Design and The Web Design Process

Right, you’ve got your website concept, chosen your domain name, selected your web agency and have finalized your hosting requirements and have setup a hosting account with your preferred hosting company. Now, the actual website design process can begin.


Your website design reflects your company, your product and can say a lot about you. The most important thing, when starting a website, is that you have a logo designed and finalized BEFORE the website structure is designed.Your logo needs to be strong. In one of the previous articles on choosing your domain name, we mentioned the name of your domain being important that people can remember it. The same applies for your logo.

For example: Most people can tell you what the Nike logo looks like – it’s a simple design and if anyone sees a tick, they think of Nike.

That being said, having a logo that is so well remembered can be tricky and does take time, given how long Nike has been around and how strong their marketing is, but at the same time, the awareness of your brand must be reflected well in your logo and this fact is certainly something that should NOT be overlooked.

Splash Page

A Splash page(also referred to as a holding page), believe it or not, is important.

A splash page is a landing page or a temporary page that is displayed reading something like “COMING SOON”. This page is removed once the site goes live.

If you are waiting for your website to be developed and you are talking about your business and giving business cards out, you want something relatively “pretty” or “professional” to be displayed if someone happens to visit your website.

A splash page should include the following:

  • Your Logo
  • A teaser on your services – if you are launching something completely top secret, then keep it simple, but you want people to come back, so give them something to think or talk about.
  • Email Address – people MUST be able to contact you if there’s something they want to know about your services / product
  • Contact numbers (optional)

The Website Design

Every web agency does their design process differently, but for this article, we are going to run through the Mammoth Solutions way as we feel it works well for us!

So, the process is as follows:

  • Logo and Contact Details are finalized.
  • All text and images for EACH PAGE is provided to us by the client which is then handed to the website designer with the website definition. Home page text at the start of the website design process is the most important.
  • The website designer and the project manager will go over the website definition to make sure the requirements are clear. Additional meetings with the database developers may be required as there are instances where design and database need to work together to create an efficient solution.
  • The website designer will disappear into his / her design world and create a masterpiece taking into account all pages and links required and most importantly, the subject matter of the website.
  • A few variations will be put together and the designs will be sent to the client in JPEG format.
  • The client provides feedback.

Once the design has been approved, the website designer will design the remaining pages or in a number of cases, where the client updates his / her website, sets up the templates for the site. On completion of the design, the design files are handed over to the website developers / coders and the development of the website begins.


The website design process seems very simple when you read the above items, but in actual fact, it’s one of the most difficult parts of the process. As mentioned above, your website displays your brand and needs to entice or grab people when they arrive on your website.

So, getting the design right is KEY.