Website Colours

Colour plays a large role in people’s lives from dictating what clothes to wear, what colour car to buy, what fruit to choose, what colour to paint your house  – the list goes on. In the same way, colour plays a HUGE role in ensuring your website looks good and is effective.

Underestimating the importance of colour could be detrimental to your website. Good use of colour can assist your business in creating more sales of products or services as well as enticing a visitor.

One of the most important things about the use of colours is to NOT use colours that are hard to read on the monitor. For example, you don’t want to use a luminous yellow on a website with a white background. For websites with black backgrounds, you don’t want to use a blue or navy font on black. Consider how you would feel if you landed up on a website and couldn’t read the information on the site because of the use of colours – you wouldn’t stay on the site very long, would you?

Colour combinations are best with websites. There is a rule which isn’t cast in stone, but often something that can help you along in the choice of colours, is use one primary colour with one or two secondary or complimentary colours.  Overuse of colours can cause a website to look cluttered or messy or just plain difficult to stay on, so choosing your colour combinations must be done carefully.

If you have a logo already or your branding has been done for you, then make sure to use colours that use the branding colours and / or colours that compliment the logo / branding. When your branding has been setup with companies that specialize in print, often a style guide is available where colours are specified for use on web / cards or other print media.

The best thing to do is play around with colours. Make sure to ask other people’s opinion as your taste maybe completely different to another person’s taste. Some colours can represent certain emotions, so some homework will be required on your web designers part.

Remember, not all colours are web friendly, so make sure to use a web designer who understands these things before starting – making use of a professional web agency is key when designing your website, so don’t cut corners if you want a strong brand and web presence.

Here’s a few links that may be useful when considering or wanting to play around with colour schemes: