Upcoming Info

The blog has slowed down a little over the last few weeks and as for those who follow the Mammoth blog, you will have noticed it was due us undergoing some technology changes and well, one of the regular blog editors took a short break away so the remainder of the team was left to focus on finishing up deadlines and other projects on the go.

So, just an update on what to expect over the coming weeks:

  • We will be updating our website portfolio (YAY!) Our priority is always to get our client websites completed and delivered during specified timelines and often this tends to have us not get to ours as regularly, but it has been scheduled, so keep an eye on our website portfolio section for a few websites that we have been busy with. The pages to keep an eye on include the following pages on the Mammoth Solutions website:
  • We also will be releasing a new internal website soon, so definitely keep an eye open for that- it’s TOP SECRET at the moment, but will become public knowledge very soon, so keep an eye on the blog.
  • We will be finishing up some great brand work. It’s been a long 3 projects, but they are coming to an end. We look forward to updating our portfolio with the new brand projects – keep an eye open for that.
  • We will be looking at adding some regular blog posts over the coming weeks, so for those interested in reading our thoughts on technical aspects and things relating to the online industry and websites, keep an eye on the blog for our upcoming posts.

Anyway, that’s just a small update on what’s happening with us, Mammoths…