South African Honeymoon

South African Honeymoons was launched yesterday with its new look.

Target Market

The site is perfect for newlyweds or couples who are getting married in the near future and want to book their honeymoon in South Africa. South African Honeymoons has a list of hotels and lodges that are luxury accommodation in South Africa as well as Mozambique. The accommodation offered is luxurious, stylish and are sure to help any newlywed to relax and unwind.

The site was originally developed in 2005, but needed a new and more modern look for the future of the website. The site uses technologies that include the following:

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Visit South African Honeymoons for more information. If you are still looking to get married, don’t forget to visit the South Africa Weddings website – for advice, wedding suppliers and more for your upcoming wedding.