South Africa News

Everyone needs the news and there are various ways of getting access to up to date information on what’s happening in South Africa, its neighbouring countries and internationally.

With the creation of the internet, up to date news is more accessible than ever before. The internet or World Wide Web provides individuals, businesses and even children with the option of locating almost any piece of information they require whether it be information for a school / university project, medical advice or information on a medical condition, historical information and up to date information on daily things taking place in our world. To try and name every possible piece of information that is and could be available on the internet would take forever, but basically – if you need information and you need it quickly, all you need is a PC, modem or some sort or another and a browser and you are A-for-away!

But, now we’re deviating and the main purpose of this article or blog post was to shed some light on the various news related websites that are available for South Africans.


One of the most popular news and classified website is certainly Independent Online – If you read Cape Argus or Cape Times for example, almost all information will be available on IOL and it’s a good resource if you missed yesterday’s newspaper.

One other useful element to IOL is the exchange rate – those wanting to know the exchange rate and need to know it quickly, simply need to visit IOL’s website and voila – exchange rates are almost the first thing you see on the page.

IOL brings you South Africa news as well as worldwide news.


News24, another popular resource for South Africa news, is part of the well known Media24 and is a member of the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

New24 brings you is news from South Africa as well as Africa-related news.

iAfrica: has been around for over 10 years and is probably one of South Africa’s most popular news related websites. IAfrica provides news from South Africa and around the world, plus other interesting information relating to entertainment, sport, business, etc.

Mail & Guardian:

Mail and Guardian has been running for approximately 14 years and was one of the first internet or online based news portals facilities. News provided includes news from South Africa and Africa and has developed a good reputation internationally due to its good quality information and content.

Final Thoughts / Comments:

Most of the South Africa news websites available offer you RSS feeds where you can read the news as it gets published via your RSS Feed reader.

So, news really hasn’t been available so quickly and efficiently as it is today, so for those who don’t fancy buying a newspaper everyday can give the above websites a go or “plug into the RSS” feeds for up to date information on what’s happening in and around South Africa.