Real Time Availability

Most people dealing in the online industry will have at some point or another heard about “real time availability”, as it’s fast becoming one of the most well used facilities around.

What is Real Time Availability and what does it mean?

Well, it’s very simple really. “Real time” = now, right now and “Availability” = the availability of something.

So, it ultimately means the availability of something at a given time.

Where is Real Time Availability actually used?


You can book your movie tickets online for SterKinekor. You can choose your seats and buy your tickets. The next person to check the availability of seats for the same movie will no longer have the seats to choose from.

If you are well travelled or have visited a tour operator who books flights regularly, you may have heard of a system called Galileo or Amadeus. These 2 popular systems allows tour operators to check availability of flights for today or next week or for any time period and give you answers NOW as to whether there is availability and how much it will cost. Isn’t that fantastic? They are all part of a global distribution system called GDS.

Then, there’s a very well known company called Computicket that allows you to buy tickets online for concerts, plays, sporting events, festivals and other live events making the online booking process simple and very easy.

AppointmentQuest has become increasingly popular – especially overseas. This particular online system allows companies to setup appointment dates and times and allows visitors to their site to check their availability and book their appointment. We have done a large amount of website development for lawyers overseas and this is a very popular system.

There is a range of accommodation real time availability systems out there allowing you to book your accommodation, tours, car hire and much more all at the click of a button.

Newcomer to the Online Real Time Availability sphere

StaySYS has been built by a team that already implements successful technology solutions in the accommodation industry. As a result they have created a world class accommodation system that is designed for your business by people in your business.

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Real time availability systems are being built and implemented daily and are definitely increasing in popularity as it saves people both time and is far more convenient than having to drive or walk around checking availability and then running the risk that what you want to book for is no longer available.