Permalinks in WordPress

WordPress SEO Tip:

As you might have noticed, the Mammoth Blog uses the popular blogging platform, WordPress. WordPress is pretty SEO-friendly out of the box, but here and there is room for improvement. One of those things are the URL structures.

The default URL structure for WordPress looks like this: In this example your blog would be situated in the root. As you can see, the ?p=2 isn’t ideal for SEO purposes, as you want your post’s name to be in your URL.


Follow the following steps:

  • In the Top Menu, click on Options.
  • In the Sub Top Menu, click on Permalinks
  • There are four radio buttons, you can choose any one of those, but we are building a
    custom structure.
  • Click on the “Custom” radio button, and in the please specify box type in: /%postname%/
  • Click on the Update button.

Very Important:

After you have clicked the Update button, you will be prompted to update your .htaccess. You cannot skip this step, otherwise all your current and future posts will return 404 errors.

Go down to the bottom of the page and copy the text in the textarea, and update your .htaccess file.


All you posts should now have the following URL structure:

Much nicer and way more SEO-friendly!