Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a fast, secure and customizable web browser. Mozilla is not a traditional software company, they are a global community and a public benefit organization.

Why Firefox?

Firefox is light-weight, secure, a lot faster than it’s competitors. More of the Firefox awesomeness includes:

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Spell Checking
  • Search Suggestions
  • Live Bookmarks (RSS Feeds)

Read more on the Firefox Features page.


Firefox has since it’s inception opened itself up to developers of the community, to help improve the browser. From here, Firefox Addons surfaced. With Firefox Addons you can do almost anything with your web browser. Let’s go through a few Addons we use daily:

  • Web Developer – Web Developer is a Firefox Addon that offers you an amazing set of tools to help you develop websites, and debug your mistakes!
  • Screengrab – How many times a day do you take screenshots? Screengrab enables you to grab portions of, or the entire web page, and saves it as an image.
  • ForecastFox – For all of the commutors who need to know the weather! ForecastFox has the latest weather information and keeps updating it throughout the day.
  • Vertigo – Manage Tab Jam by stacking your tabs vertically!


Whilst we are die-hard Firefox supporters, here are some alternatives: