Mammoth Solutions: 2010

Goodness, quite a bit of time has passed since our last update to the blog, but it’s all good! So much has happened in the last few months that we have been very busy planning for our months ahead.

So, for an small inside scoop as to what has been happening, we have put a list together that you can run through so you’re up to speed with the Mammoths.

  • We have moved offices – yes, again we moved and this time we’re super happy with our premises in Lansdowne Rd in the old Felix Unite building. We have the entire top floor, with an awesome balcony and lots more space!
  • Mammoth has more fun furniture! We are all about work, but to ensure we get up from our desks and have a little more fun in our day, we got a pool table which has been an excellent addition to the Mammoth furniture list.
  • Mammoth has increased in size. We now have 3 new lovely ladies working with us who have helped us make sure we are up to date with different sites and everything is working as it should be.
  • We have some excellent new projects we are busy with. Having completed a few sites for various radio stations, we are currently rebuilding about 3 new sites (very big sites) for clients which are taking us in new directions of technologies. If this interests you, then you must keep an eye on our portfolio in the coming months to catch a glimpse of what has been done.
  • We are busy with 3 new internal websites which all going well will be released by no later than June 2010 – just in time for the World cup!
  • 3 of the Mammoths are tying the knot this year!

That’s it for now. So, for those who have been out of touch with the Mammoths, this should give you an idea on where we have been hiding and where you can find us now.