Keep Flying the South African Flag

South Africa experienced a national pride like never before when we enjoyed our status as the host country of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in June and July. Cars, buildings, highways, shops and even people were bedecked in our colourful flag as a testimony to their allegiance and their love for this multifaceted nation. Keep Flying is an initiative that appeals to companies, media campaigns and individuals to continue to demonstrate this zeal by displaying the flag or an icon thereof on their products, advertising campaigns, printed material, stationery and websites.

Individuals can be involved by:

  • Flying the flag in your office
  • Putting mirror socks on your vehicles
  • Using the logo as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter
  • Wearing a badge of the flag
  • Letting your friends and family know about the Keep Flying campaign and encouraging them to participate
  • Posting this article or the URL of the campaign ( on your intranet or as an extra below your email signature
  • Staying positive about our wonderful country and its huge potential
  • Wearing clothing with the flag printed on it

Businesses and large corporations can contribute to this initiative by:

  • Displaying the flag in your offices and reception areas
  • Allowing employees to wear the flag as a badge or printed on their clothing (perhaps on a specific day of the week, if not every day)
  • Promoting the idea to clients by making the website address ( a standard feature of every outgoing email
  • Encouraging employees and suppliers to participate by speaking to them about this campaign in a positive way
  • Flying the flag outside your building
  • Decorating your garden, public areas and signage with the flag
  • Holding a charity function in which you promote this ideal

By engendering a spirit of support and optimism amongst individuals, colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends and families, you will be instrumental in changing attitudes.

Several advertising campaigns have come on board with Keep Flying and have benefited hugely from their canvassing. Individuals are also being encouraged to hold up an inspirational “what if…” message before a camera, sharing their dreams for this country with millions of viewers.

By encouraging such a broad base of South Africans from all sectors of the community to participate in such a positive campaign, Keep Flying is already succeeding in uniting this land in their hopes and aspirations.