Le Grenier


Le Grenier combines the sophistication, ambiance and centrality that the village of Franschhoek offers, with luxury self-catering accommodation – making your visit to Franschhoek unforgettable!

Technologies Used:

The technologies we used to create the Le Grenier website included SHTML, CSS and a bit of Flash. JavaScript was also used to add some interactivity and to enhance the user’s experience.


The Le Grenier luxury self-catering apartment now has an online representation of it’s brilliance, and gives browsing tourists and guests a small glimpse of what it has to offer.


“Firstly let me say that this site is amazing. Ant and I love it. It looks amazing and so professional, stylish…….wow and thanks”, Client.

Website: www.legrenier.co.za / Franschhoek Self Catering Accommodation