Data Modelling and Database Design

As part of almost every development project, we need to design and build a database to support the system that we are building.

We do this by following a tried and tested technique called Data Modelling. Data modelling is quick, fun and challenging. It is, however, a rigorous approach that results in a picture of the information that supports the business at hand, that is easily understood, and can be confirmed as accurate by non-technical business people.

We can produce, in a matter of days, a database and functional prototype system directly from the model. We use the prototype to prove the correctness and completeness of the database before we spend a single cent on coding.

A database is the cornerstone of any system. By proving the database design before we start coding, we consistently succeed in building systems that meet our customer’s needs. Results are more predictable, risk and costs are lowered and the scope of development is more easily managed. Systems which are built on proven databases last longer and have far lower lifetime costs as a result of reduced maintenance, which typically accounts for 80% of a system’s costs over its lifetime.