A large number of clients will reject the thought / suggestion of having a copywriter write their text or website copy. But, having a copywriter write your copy for your website or even just the main content pages of your website can provide great value.

What is a Copywriter and what is their purpose?

Copywriters are used for a range of media including radio, television, websites and newspaper or magazine articles and / or adverts. The main purpose of a copywriter is to write text / content / copy that promotes a person, service, idea or business.

Pros of having a Copywriter write your Website Copy

  • Adds professionalism to your website – well written content is a MUST.
  • Adds unique content – a very important feature when concerned about your site’s search engine optimisation.
  • Boost sales and / or income – in addition to the professionalism, copywriters can help promote a service / product with WORDS. WORDS can help motivate, draws attention, creates attention / interest and even provide trust in a particular website.
  • Saves you having any hassles and saves you time – when setting up a new business, one often doesn’t have time to worry about writing website copy, so a copywriter can save you having to find the time to write text.

Cons of having a Copywriter write your Website Copy

  • Additional costs will need to be incurred – different copywriters charge different rates.
  • What do I need to take into account when choosing a copywriter?
  • Make sure they have experience in writing website copy. Copywriters who write for the web usually understand the web and if you want your website to rank well, copywriters usually understand what’s involved and implement text that benefits your website.
  • Make sure you understand the costs you will incur and consider your budget before going ahead.
  • Make sure you know what you want and how you want it written. Copywriters can write in different styles e.g. Corporate, technical, creative, etc so consider what style you want your copy written in.
  • Make sure you have substantial and the important information available on the product / business / service.

How else can a copywriter help you?

Writing is what a copywriter does best, so anything that requires writing can be done by a copywriter. This includes the following:

  • Articles
  • Business Plans
  • Letters for clients, promotions or sales
  • Manuals for training or marketing
  • Marketing mailers
  • Press Releases
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Technical Specifications
  • Website copy / content for both the internet and intranets
  • And much more

Where can I find a copywriter?

Contact us and we can refer you to copywriters we have worked with. Alternatively, surf the web and you should be able to find copywriters in your area.