Content Management Systems

The word “CMS” or “Content Management System” is a term that most people who have some level of experience with the internet and / or websites have definitely heard about or know about. In most instances, a number of people are already making use of this so-called CMS for their own websites.

For those who are new to the term or for those wanting to understand a little more on the subject, this article or post is for you.

What is a CMS or Content Management System?

I think that Wikipedia explains it best when you read about content management systems – their first sentence definitely explains the whole term in just a few words:

“A content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site.”

Yes – it’s really that simple!

A CMS or Content Management system is setup / installed to allow you, the website owner or webmaster, to manage your website without having to ask your web developer or website company to update your website on your behalf.

Doesn’t that sound perfect? Well, in theory, it’s fantastic and allows you to do whatever you like, whenever you like and however you like. But, there are pros and cons to having a CMS and in certain situations or instances; a CMS isn’t always the best way to go when building a website.

More information on Content Management Systems

Over the years, there have been a number of systems or programs that have been setup to assist those who want a website to build their own without the need to contract web developers. There are a large number of content management systems out there, but we’ll name a few that we have had to deal with and I would think are the most used in South Africa – some you may have already heard of:

Pros and Cons to Content Management Systems

Well, here’s where it gets tricky and possibly technical, but will try to explain it as best we can. Most Content Management Systems are great for the average site, but one has to remember that the systems built are very generic to ensure that almost any company, no matter what your industry, can make use of the system.

So, in some instances, we find the using an “off-the-shelf” Content Management System is either overkill for what a client needs or is perfect or lacks in certain aspects.


  • You can have a website setup quickly
  • You can update your website whenever you like
  • Add ons are usually available
  • Help is often available
  • Security is usually built in allowing different users to have different access to different information
  • Website design templates are often freely available
  • No website coding experience required


  • Can be a bit heavy for your actual website requirements – some content management systems have a file size that is rather large which can affect the speed of your website
  • Search Engine Optimization is often affected
  • The site isn’t visually as appealing as what a custom designed website is
  • Messy code – this may not seem like an issue unless you really understand what goes on behind the pretty website. Messy code can affect both your search engine optimization as well as your websites load time.
  • Flexibility on functionality and design can sometimes be an issue
  • Designs are often NOT unique unless you have the required skills
  • Support isn’t always available

Does Mammoth Solutions use Content Management Systems?

Yes and No.

We have setup a number of content management systems in our time, but our speciality lies in building custom content management systems that are built specifically to a client’s needs.

So, what we mean by this is that if Client A needs a website where he can update his pages and images, we build a content management system that supports that particular requirement. So, Client A has all the pros that a normal off-the-shelf content management system offers, plus he gets a custom design that no other website will have and a website that is unique visually and technically.

Final thought…

There are many views on the subject. As mentioned above, our specialty lies in website database design and development to build systems whereby businesses, both big and small, can use their website to market themselves, potentially increase their revenue and have a custom designed website application and website that suits their business – making it an optimal solution for THEIR specific business needs. Visit our database development portfolio section for more information on our clients who have made use of this side of our business.