Competitive Search Terms

If you are building a brand new website and search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key factor for your website, then it’s worth checking out how competitive the subject matter for your website is.

What would my search terms be?

You need to work out what you would like to be found for when someone does a search on a search engine. You need to consider different search term variations and test each search term on the major search engines including:


So, let’s use an example.

Previously, we covered South Africa Tourism SEO, but for this example we’ll try something more unique / general.
So, let’s say you run a plumbing business in Cape Town. In an ideal world, you may like to be found for the following search terms:

  • cape town plumbers
  • plumbers cape town
  • cape town plumbing company

So, you go to or any other major search engine and do a search on each of the search terms above. When the result is displayed, you will notice that the search engine will tell you how many results there are. It’s that big number that you want to keep in mind.

The larger the number, the more difficult or more of a challenge it may be to get ranking on the search engines – specifically for the search term you tested the results on. But, this is DEFINITELY NOT something to get despondent or upset about, but rather something to keep you informed and “in the know”.

When you start a new business, you consider who your competitors are. In the same way, you need to see who you are up against on the search engines.

What do I do if my search terms are very competitive?

There are a couple of things to do, but here are the top 5 things that we can suggest:

  • Have your website developed by a reputable web agency. Believe it or not, your site’s site rankings are also dictated by how your site has been built. This point and the point below are probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT points out of this entire Top 5 items.
  • Make sure you use a company that has a good track record when it comes to search engine optimisation. You don’t want to do the SEO yourself or have it done by a company who doesn’t know what they are doing. SEO can be a dangerous game.
  • Be patient and breathe deeply. Some sites can take up to a year to rank, so patience is definitely a must.
  • Consider alternative marketing channels in the interim until the site is ranking better.
  • DO NOT BE CONNED – no one can guarantee search results. There are tons of emails being sent out now-a-days with promises of getting you to the top ten. If you are interested in these emails, make sure it’s NATURAL RESULTS and NOT SPONSORED ADS (the results typically displayed on the right hand side)