WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Engine

Huh? Not sure what this is all about? Well, then you have to check it out yourself.

WolframAlpha is a rather interesting facility, similar to a search engine, but providing useful….and not so useful….information relating to statistics and various calculations.

Their main objective is “to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.” Their algorithms have been categorised under a range of topics such as Mathematics, Engineering, Dates and Times, Physics, Money and Finance, etc.

If you’ve ever been stuck on some calculation that you can’t get right, then it’s certainly worth giving WolframAlpha a try. So, if you there’s a calculation that you need doing or something that you require the stats on and press submit using the form below or alternatively visit the website and try it out yourself – you may be find it rather interesting.

BBC Website


BBC has recently updated their website and in addition to it being a news and informative website, they have opted for a functional, fun and unique feel that can be enjoyed by the average or frequent visitor.

Why we like it

Here are the top reasons us Mammoths like the website:

  • Up to date with latest web trends
  • It’s easy to use and find things i.e. user friendly
  • They’ve implemented some cool features including:
  • The ability to contract and expand boxes on the screen
  • The ability to move boxes around – ok, this may be a gimmicky (and possibly a nerdy thing!), but we like it. 10 out of 10 for this feature!
  • The clock in the top right – different and a nice touch
  • It’s different and unique and we haven’t found another news website quite like it (yet!)
  • The ability to change colours by selecting the different options in the main banner area on the home page
  • Range of little gimmicky features that we just love

Anything we don’t like

  • It would have been nice to see the sub sections of the site to have the same look and feel as the home page.

Website: www.bbc.co.uk

Be Funky Website

This site may be a bit gimmicky, but with the increase in social networking websites and blogs, befunky.com could not only be useful but great fun for people to play around with or even those looking to try something different on the internet.

What we like:

  • The idea – it’s different, unique and fun
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • Great thought has gone into the site and it’s worth being checked out in a spare moment or two.
  • It’s a free service!

Anything we don’t like:

  • The design and layout of the site could be slightly neater or better, but the concept is really what this site is about, so it works.

Website: http://www.befunky.com