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Take advantage of a wide range of Joomla services such as Custom Template Creation, new or redesigned Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Joomla Upgrades, Website Maintenance services, on site or remote Admin training or tutorials, Live Help / Assistance, Consulting and more.

Joomla is an open source content management system which allows you, or your team, to login to your website via an easy to use interface and manage various aspects of your website’s functions and features hassle free, quickly and efficiently.

Joomla! was designed with efficiency and stability in mind and for that reason remains one of the Internet’s most used content management systems.

Some of the benefits of using Joomla to power your website include:

  • Robust, scalable framework to make setting up and managing your website quick and easy.
  • A huge online community of volunteers and supporters.
  • Easy to use interface makes management of web content a breeze.
  • Flexible template based theme system allows for maximum control of your design.
  • Loads of extensions, plugins and components are available to help make your website even more functional.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a term that is thrown around quite liberally in the world of website development. It is an integral part of moving your website up in the Search Engine ranks and is, therefore, essential for you to understand.

A Search Engine is a tool that is designed to look for specific information from all over the internet. Common Search Engines include Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo! When you have a website, your goal is to move it up in the Search Engine rankings so that it appears as near to the first item as possible. This will increase your chances of people clicking on your site when doing research on the internet. It will also increase the demand from advertisers to have their products on your page, for which you will receive payment. The process of ensuring that your website moves up in rankings is called Search Engine Optimisation.

This is done primarily through the repeated use of the most common words and phrases that you expect people to enter into the search field. For example, the Kruger National Park will choose keywords and key phrases such as “game reserve South Africa”, “game parks”, “Big 5” “South Africa holiday”, “South Africa accommodation” and so on. These words need to appear throughout the pages of the site in order for the Search Engine to recognise them and move the page up. As a page becomes more recognised by the Search Engine, it will attract a number of links from other sites. Link building carries much weight in the ‘eyes’ of the Search Engine.

Other writing tips to ensure optimal Search Engine Optimisation include:

  • Using bullets and headings to break the text and including the keywords or phrases in them
  • Repeating these words three to five times in every page without sounding repetitive
  • Writing articles of at least 200 words each
  • Adding links wherever possible

The text has to be original to ensure that your page is not blocked by the Search Engine on grounds of plagiarism. This is taken very seriously and is not worth the risk.

Ensuring that your website becomes respected and used by the Search Engines in a way that works for your advantage is a time-consuming task that requires patience and innovation. However, it is well worth the effort as your service or product enters the global market through a trusted Search Engine.

Websites that make a Difference

There is no doubt that the Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for every person with access to it to have unlimited right of entry to the gateway to the world. For this reason, there is an enormous opportunity for do-gooders and charity organisations to use this priceless tool as an implement for increasing awareness of their needs and in raising funds or support.


Non-profit organisations and those dedicated to the upliftment of local culture, the care of those discriminated against, the conservation of the environment and the development of the world and its inhabitants are those that should seize the opportunity to make a difference by creating a website to achieve this.


Use the Internet to gain access to millions of people all over the world and let them know about your challenges, needs, events and goals. This kind of large-scale awareness is unrivalled and educates those more fortunate about the existing needs in the world around them. Use your website to:

  • Announce fund-raising initiatives and competitions
  • Include bank details for monetary donations
  • Appeal to volunteers
  • Request donations
  • Provide information about your cause and its goals


The Internet is a global medium of communication. The vast majority of the population that has the means to help a charity also has access to the World Wide Web. It is also a very cost-effective way of marketing, as only a standard (usually small) hosting fee is payable. This is far more economically viable than expensive marketing campaigns and advertising materials.

Use the Internet to the full for the gain and advancement of good, both locally and internationally.


One of our favourite websites is called – please support them by sending E-cards or signing petitions that really DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Keep Flying the South African Flag

South Africa experienced a national pride like never before when we enjoyed our status as the host country of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in June and July. Cars, buildings, highways, shops and even people were bedecked in our colourful flag as a testimony to their allegiance and their love for this multifaceted nation. Keep Flying is an initiative that appeals to companies, media campaigns and individuals to continue to demonstrate this zeal by displaying the flag or an icon thereof on their products, advertising campaigns, printed material, stationery and websites.

Individuals can be involved by:

  • Flying the flag in your office
  • Putting mirror socks on your vehicles
  • Using the logo as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter
  • Wearing a badge of the flag
  • Letting your friends and family know about the Keep Flying campaign and encouraging them to participate
  • Posting this article or the URL of the campaign ( on your intranet or as an extra below your email signature
  • Staying positive about our wonderful country and its huge potential
  • Wearing clothing with the flag printed on it

Businesses and large corporations can contribute to this initiative by:

  • Displaying the flag in your offices and reception areas
  • Allowing employees to wear the flag as a badge or printed on their clothing (perhaps on a specific day of the week, if not every day)
  • Promoting the idea to clients by making the website address ( a standard feature of every outgoing email
  • Encouraging employees and suppliers to participate by speaking to them about this campaign in a positive way
  • Flying the flag outside your building
  • Decorating your garden, public areas and signage with the flag
  • Holding a charity function in which you promote this ideal

By engendering a spirit of support and optimism amongst individuals, colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends and families, you will be instrumental in changing attitudes.

Several advertising campaigns have come on board with Keep Flying and have benefited hugely from their canvassing. Individuals are also being encouraged to hold up an inspirational “what if…” message before a camera, sharing their dreams for this country with millions of viewers.

By encouraging such a broad base of South Africans from all sectors of the community to participate in such a positive campaign, Keep Flying is already succeeding in uniting this land in their hopes and aspirations.

Mobile Websites

There is a never-ending demand for information. In addition, this fast-paced world demands that this information be readily available, at the fingertips of every single person, regardless of age, location or financial abilities. In the last few decades, communication and information distributing technology has exploded in terms of scope, capabilities and accessibility. The Internet is a phenomenal tool. It has allowed a completely open source of information sharing and communication. Although sometimes damaging, this has led to opportunities and access that we will never be able to survive without again.

A .mobi domain is very much the same concept as a .com domain or a one. The exception is that a .mobi domain has been formatted and built to be viewed and navigated using a cellphone. It is viewable on a normal PC browser, but is simpler and smaller (in terms of the actual size of the data that needs to be downloaded). By guaranteeing that users are viewing a site specifically formatted to be viewed on their mobile phones, they are assured that it is smaller, taking less time and space to download and, therefore, costing less. They are also saved time as .mobi sites do not require that navigators type the http://www in front of the domain name.

The information on a .mobi site has to be direct, punchy and to the point. So, users are not forced to read through the more flowery, detailed language of the internet, but get instant access to relevant, necessary information.

One of the main advantages to using a .mobi domain is that there are vastly more cellphone owners than people who have access (at home and / or in the office) to the Internet. So, even large corporations that can afford the best website is not guaranteed that their target market will see it if they are not part of the group that uses the Internet on a computer. However, by creating a .mobi site, their market is able to visit their site and access vital information by using their mobile phones. This increases the range and potential reaches of their marketing campaigns exponentially.

Today, cellphones are the main medium of communication all over the fast-developing globe. The conveying of information is just another form of communication. Therefore, it makes sense that we use the mobile phone to access information, whether it be by word-of-mouth or on the Internet.

Some sites are even making it possible to purchase goods and services online via a .mobi site. This means that buying and selling can literally be done anywhere, at any time, by anyone. Even electronic banking is transformed by the potential opportunities that .mobi sites enable.

Another feature of .mobi sites is that telephone and mobile numbers and email addresses can be hyperlinked so that the user is able to call them or email to the addresses directly from the website. This makes for the ultimate convenience and access.

.mobi is supported and managed by key global players, such as Google, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Microsoft, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telefónica Móviles, Telecom Italia Mobile, Orascom Telecom, GSM Association and Visa, amongst others. This lends it an added sense of credibility.

Internet users and businesses that have their own website are encouraged to explore the .mobi domain, its benefits and opportunities a little deeper to ascertain the world of advantages that it opens up to you.