Brand New Server via Toshiba Winelands

Well, we’re a little behind on the article front with our Mammoth blog, but it’s all because we’re just in awe of our new server that was installed last week.

The server was installed by a company based out Bellville way called Toshiba Winelands. They did a smashing job to say the least and we can certainly recommend the guys.

With great software that allows working remotely to be a complete breeze, great virus protection software to put the mind at ease and overall good performance, we are totally in love with our new server. We are truly showing our “nerdy” side now, but it’s a fantastic change to work on a machine that works smoothly and generally makes life easier.

So, if you are considering a new network installation and / or server, then contact these guys – they are reliable and they certainly put in the effort and hours needed to get the job done and everything working well.

For more info, contact Elgee from Toshiba Winelands on 082 826 2213 or drop them an email.